Worlds that you
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paintings & animation

Creating visuals that share a story

Incorporated into media are works of art for you to enjoy. The pieces stand tall as individual worlds for you to get lost into

Our musicians are crafting tunes and effects that are not just music, but sounds that tell a story. All creative processes are oriented towards the same story-telling ideals
Incorporated into the medium, you are enjoying a work of music

We have viewers, readers and gamers at heart. We create stories that you can believe, characters that make sense

Chapter by chapter, dive into believable fictional worlds inhabited by characters of all behavior types, reflecting the minds of real people and leading to situations with cause and effect, holding the fictional fabric together to form one piece
*Taasgerath - a political fantasy novel
Turn-based Strategy

World's Corruption - Shades Collide

In the realm of World’s Corruption, Lysandria's settlers defeated an insidious force, but its essence seeped into their hearts, leading to a false victory. Their zealous dominance masked the growing internal corruption, waiting to resurface and threaten peace

Super Mister Grabgo

A global pandemic of polluting has hit the entire human population. Take the role of a regular joe named Photios from the Island of Cyprus, to rid the world of trash

World's Corruption: Magrand

At the edges of existence, a curious village discreetly lingers, its curious inhabitants dealing with the effects of mutation and darkness. What will they find when reaching the outer fringes of their civilization?

Arabian Run

In the distant land of Taj'Ghaveleen, desert Scavenger Shanhar discovers a rare lightning scarab that leads him to a secret cave, where he discovers the unspoken mythical greystone. He returns home in hiding to uncover its secrets
Action RPG
Hilpyr's Incredible Psychosis
On a whim, Hilpyr leaves his birth home and goes on an aimless quest for freedom in the dangerous forests of Aynur, accompanied by his unwaveringly loyal pet boar Crumchonian. Will this unneeded hero amount to any deed? Embark on his journey and you may be surprised
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